Do come in.

Crow Violets is a space for writing (and one or two other things), but in all fairness, I should advise you that it has an Idea behind it.  It’s a Thing.

Everything posted here will share the theme of (ahem) “Exploring a Haunted Future” – yes, I’ll be using memories of the past to do this sometimes, but I don’t just want to be sadly staring at 1973.  This isn’t a museum, it’s a personal set of blueprints for what could be.  I want to look at memory, but also of the moment right now.  I want to dream, not just of a cancelled Utopia, but of the Not-A-Place that we might actually want.  I’m looking for Nonsuch Palace but with plumbing and wi-fi.  I want to explore the enchantments of hedgerows, barrows, pylons, AI, lipstick, cloud patterns, and dreaming Saturday afternoons.  

Or else, I want to talk about Mollie Sudgen a lot.  She’s important.